Account Manager (Client Growth Manager)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada · Customer Growth


GrowthGenius is on a mission to make sales teams more productive. We’re helping companies across North America generate more conversations with their ideal customers, without lifting a finger. We’ve built a system that finds the best B2B contacts to reach out to, writes deeply-personalized messaging to them across multiple channels like email and LinkedIn, and ultimately generates positive responses that feed right into your inbox. There’s no awkward handoff, no disruption to your process, and our results are guaranteed by a money-back promise. If you’re focused on closing deals, we believe in a future where you’re doing just that.

We are building one of the fasting growing Conversational Sales organizations in the world, and we need your help to source and build new relationships, gain a quick yet thorough understanding of prospect needs, act as a consultant in speaking to industry best practices and trends and get more customers onboard with our platform.

Growth Manager Responsibilities:

Strong relationships are everything to GrowthGenius.

It's incredibly important to us and as such, filling this position with someone who lives & breathes customer + team success and empathy is critical. As our customer base increases rapidly, we need another genius to keep up with our growth.

We’re looking for a Growth Manager to work with our Sales & Customer Support teams to manage existing customer relationships, grow a pipeline of new opportunities with current customers, and maximize each client's potential for success. You need to be smart, analytical, and have a passion for understanding people and helping them succeed in any way possible. This is a career-track position with ample room for growth.

Generally, you will be responsible for successfully bringing clients onto the platform, making sure clients are increasingly successful while on the platform, and creating strategies to ensure client renewals and expansion.


- Identify and uncover key insights into client's business (unique value props, customer use cases, buying triggers, etc)

- Assist in preparing unique outbound sales strategy and tactics for each client

- Manage client onboarding onto the platform

- Organize projects across multiple stakeholders while consistently meeting key deadlines

- Manage client campaigns to ensure continuous improvement using data-driven analysis and decisions to ensure high client satisfaction, renewals, and expansion

- Manage client success through ongoing communication and presentations with clients and internal teams to keep all stakeholders informed

- Assist in improving organization-wide processes and strategies to help build a scalable and repeatable business unit



- You have an official University or College degree

- You have an unofficial Bachelor degree in hustling and Masters degree in problem-solving

- You have a minimum of 3 years of experience in platform (SaaS preferred) sales (if you don’t, let us know of something equally compelling)

- You love tech startups

- You love learning and experimenting

- You are diligent and pro-active about building processes

- You aren't afraid to test (have you read Lean Startup?)

Desired Skills and Experience:

- Motivation, drive and a self-starting attitude

- Ability to work in a fast paced, team environment

- Ability to understand customer needs and meet that need with a successful product sale

- Good time management with strong organizational skills

- You’re diligent about building processes

- You aren't afraid to experiment

- You’re proficient in Gsuite (Google sheets, google docs, google presentation)

- You don't have a 9 to 5 mentality


We're an incredible team of smart and strategic individuals, with four founders that have previous success stories as business builders and are looking to create this amazing company to work at.

Team-building and Connection is at the heart of inclusion here at GrowthGenius. We’re building a diverse, inclusive, results-oriented culture, that encourages people to be who they are, lets their values shine through, discourages “groupthink” and leaves ego at the door. Every employee has the opportunity to excel and become the best version of themselves.

It's your opportunity to join a team of geniuses where you'll grow and learn every single day.

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